1962 Allstate Compact Scooter Restoration

This is the ongoing restoration on my Allstate Compact. I can only work on it when I have time, which isn't much, so it probably won't be the quickest restoration. In addition, this is my first scooter and restoration.

Monday, October 02, 2006

July 06'

Well, I have taken the engine off of the frame. It took about an hour or two with the help and experience of a neighbor. Again, more boogered up problems were discovered, including water coming out when we drained the oil...only there was no oil. Well, luckily, I just bought a spare engine missing some pieces on ebay for $120, and I figure between the two engines, and Motorwest, Inc., I can make one running one. Though we have the engine off, and one of the floorboards, the handlebar is giving us difficulty. It looks as though it was originally pressed in, like how the old bikes were. Well, its rusted and stuck in place, and for the life of me I can't get it off. Oh well, I'll have to see about that later...

May 06'

Well, I found a parts source for at least most of the mechanical parts; Motorwest, Inc. You can look them up on google for contact info and all that. I have spent...well, I'll say that I have spent more than the purchase price on parts, and of course thats just a few parts; not everything. Oh, and I made a stupid mistake with the gas tank...Let's just say after you're done cleaning and rinsing out a gas tank with water, don't just screw the cap on and let is sit for a few months....whoops. Well, anyways, it had a dent in it! But the good news is I got a new, better gas tank, and some other parts i was missing from a nice guy in PA. In addition, I was able to locate an original tailight!!! Woot! Those are near impossible to find. Other parts included a chain cover, (can't think of the right name) left side engine cover, original (worn but intact and not ripped) seat, and more. The new gas tank still needed to be cleaned, so i sent it to a guy in PA, "Elizabeth Radiator", who will profesionally clean and seal the tank. I also got a rebuilt original carb, new (good) brakes, air filter, and more. Few, there's still more that I can't think of-oh, and wheel spokes. Got brand new ones, better than the originals. I also bought tires and all that. But anyway, I have a lot of work ahead of me...

Some cool stuff...

Just thought these pics of the Compact in an original Sears catolog was kinda cool. Also, there's a pic of the decal that goes on the gas tank (mine is worn off).

January 06'

"He said that the gas tank is pretty much rust free, and with a new spark plug and some gas, it might start right up." Ha! Well folks, this is where we find out the seller may have "exxagerated" the condition a little bit. Upon asking what my first steps should be on a yahoo group, I was told to clean out the gas tank. Though the seller had said the tank was clean and good to go, I decided to follow others' advice and clean it out. It was filled with gunk and old gas that had probably been sitting in it since it was parked in that barn! There was no way I could have run it with all that in the gas tank. I'm also finding more issues, and am now certain it's going to take a little more than a "new spark plug and some gas" to get this scooter going. I ordered a manual from the "Allstate Guy" at http://allstateguy.tripod.com/id2.html. It's great to have a manual (to actually know somewhat what I'm doing), and the longer I look through it, the more missing or broken things I find. Missing taillight (how'd I miss that?), right side metal cover over carb., mutilated carb, and american bolts forced on a metric bike! This scooter has been badly boogered by someone... On a side note, I found some "treasure" under the seat. Well, that is, treasure that isn't worth anything. Oh well; it added some excitement. I included a pic.

December 05'

Well, we picked up the scooter today. The seller seemed nice, and the scooter was sitting in the front yard. He demonstrated that the motor turned over, and then helped us load it into the SUV. He said that the gas tank is pretty much rust free, and with a new spark plug and some gas, it might start right up.

Bought a 62' Allstate Compact

Well, I bought a 1962 Allstate Compact scooter off of ebay today, located in New Jersey (I'm in Maryland). I had never seen such a scoot before, and thought that it would be a good intro into scooters and into restoring one. I have been wanting to get a scooter for some time now, and I think this one will be a good first scooter. It looks ok, if a little worn, and is described as needing some tlc. Apparently, it has been sitting in a barn for quite some time (30 some years?). It is stated that the motor turns over. Here are the two pics from the auction.